Who fully understands how youth academy works?

Codedly Endowed

24 days ago


17 days ago
absolutely not

Sandro Reyes

17 days ago
Why? Just understand this: Recruit youth players, involve them in many matches, then promote them when they are about 22 years old but not more than 24.

Atomic Rancher

14 days ago
OK how about this question: what is the difference between promoting a youth at their preferred position rather than their youth team position? how can you tell what the preferred position is? What do the percentages mean (ie 33% vs 11% etc)?


Andre Malles

14 days ago
I think that preferred position for a player is a position in which they have highest potential and youth academy position is position in which they are the most "familiar" with (highest percentage), as it changes with games played in particular position.

I'm not sure but that's how I see it.

Codedly Endowed

9 days ago
How does friendly matches affect a youth team player?